Is it just me or Python teacher suck?

I’m typically a fast learner, but I am having to read each very short section over and over again until I realize that the information that I need simply isn’t there. Then the instructions are even more poorly written out. End up getting almost half of them right by guessing, a small percentage I figure out reasonably easily, and the rest I just end up typing whatever in just so I can see the answer. It makes sense most of the time AFTER I see answer. I figured after seeing enough answers I could learn the style of the writer of the lessons… Wrong… I was a straight A student even when I was skipping class 70% of the time. In every subject. So I know it’s not me. Only thing I can think of is somehow I got incomplete lessons or it’s a really bad joke. Anyone else pulling their hair out and moving at a snail’s pace? … Or is that the whole point? The don’t want anyone to learn whole program before free trial is up?

If you would be a bit more specific, linking perhaps to a specific lesson** that you found to be insufficiently informative, and describing how your experience with it unfolded, your post might actually prove helpful.

** There are no doubt many, but just a single well-chosen example would be useful.


Being an A student doesn’t guarantee being a good programmer. Programming requires a quite specific skillset.

programming is mostly problem solving, looking at the solution is fine/okay, but then ask yourself the deeper question. How does the solution approach the problem? What steps? and so forth. Teaching yourself these thinking steps is crucial

maybe codecademy doesn’t suit your teaching style, you could try other sites to find out. (just google something like: codecademy alternatives)


I’m going to have to echo the sentiment of @patrickd314 and @stetim94, and say that what you’re describing hasn’t been my experience of the content here on Codecademy… If I think back over the exercises I’ve done here, there’s only one that I can recall having reported back as being ambiguous or otherwise confusing.

The rest of the time, where something has been confusing, I’ve found it’s been me rather than the exercise that was at fault and I misunderstood something or hadn’t spent enough time to comprehend something more thoroughly.

That being said, I haven’t done every exercise of every course here - and if you honestly think one (or more) of them could use some improvement, please point them out so they can be reviewed. I appreciate that if you’re used to sailing through studies, running into a hurdle can be frustrating (trust me, been there) but we can’t do anything to help if you don’t point out where you’re stuck. :slight_smile:

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