Is it ever going to "click"

I feel like I am just bashing my head on the wall trying to figure out JS. For the most part I can understand the concepts of how the parts that I have made it through work, but once I get to the projects where I am set free to make something like the magic 8-ball, sleep calculator, and race day, I always have to rely on the “get unstuck” videos to help walk me through them, and even then, they seem to be way more advanced than what I was just going through in the previous tutorials. The HTML and CSS were so much easier to grasp and I feel really good about where I am with them, but I just cannot get JS to click at all.

Yes it will click if you persist! Javascript is like the wild-west of programming languages for beginners because you can do so many different types of things in it that it becomes overwhelming.

I recommend maybe taking a step back and learning some python as those skills will carry over back to javascript quite well. In my opinion, it encourages the beginner to think more conceptually and organize their thoughts better. (The error messages are also a lot more descriptive and in a way, pedagogical). Plus, it never hurts to know some python :slight_smile:


Stick with it! I’ve definitely had plenty of times where I’ve felt like that but I’ve overcome it by sticking with it.

Best of luck!

I’m about a year into programming with JavaScript I have found myself taking 15-30 minutes studying my 1000+ lines of code project for a bug only to find a simple edit fixes it.

JavaScript is regarded as one of the most frustrating languages out there, especially because it is compiled JIT (just in time).

Just hang in there and learn good critical thinking skills and it will eventually click.

Hey, I didn’t get classes until I started learning JS (6 months after I learned about classes for the first time with PHP).

Just don’t give up and it’ll come to you…