Is it a good idea an app (on the Play Store and iOS) of the Codeacademy?

I am learning so much in the codeacademy about how to code. I had many doubts about how to start and I didn’t begin to dedicate to learn. I was too lost. Then , I found this website and I’m learning in a fluid way.

At this moment, I searched in the Play Store (Android) if there was an app of the codeacademy, but I didn’t find. I think it doesn’t exist. But here is my suggestion: If it is possible, develop an app of the codeacademy. Many people use the smartphone so much and spend many hours a day with them, then I think with app the possibility to spend more hours learning how to code is largest.

I know that develop a great app with this content is a hard work, but maybe it might be worth.

(Sorry for my english, i’m brazilian and i’m trying to improve my english to talk with the international community)

The thing with a phone/tablet app is, it’s harder to type on a phone than it is on a computer, and so easier to make typos which are hard to spot and will frustrate learners and slow down their learning speed.

Codecademy has tried having an app before, but decided it wasn’t worth the work of maintaining for the value it provided, both to them and to their users, so eventually dropped it.

It’s a good suggestion, at least in theory, though :+1: :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t thinking of this way. It is true (!) , the speed typing on the phone is more slow. But, how was the app ? Maybe, an app with theory of the code would be interesting and it would be more cheap to keep.

I have many apps of coding on my cellphone, some with theory, but the content of the Codeacademy is very good and it is more easy for understand. Including the language. I could learn in Portuguese, but I didn’t tried, because the english used to explain it is too simple and I understand easily (and my english level is “low” intermediary).

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how was the app ?

If I remember correctly, it was OK, but it did have some bugs. It tried to minimize typing by having you fill in only little bits of code, and stuff, though, so that was a good thing about it :slight_smile:

I think that Codecademy should make their Pro quizzes and challenges responsive rather than publishing an app, because those two things are both probably only what an app would be, but since they’re already on Codecademy, it would be easier to maintain. But Codecademy doesn’t seem interested in targeting phone users, so I expect it’s unlikely either of those potential solutions will happen soon :confused: