Is HTML considered a programming language?



Is HTML considered a programming language?


Some people might argue that HTML is a programming language, but the majority of programmers will say NO, it is not a programming language.

This is because, by its definition, a programming language provides functionality. It does so with a set of syntax and grammatical rules which give instructions to a computer to perform specific tasks like logical tasks, algorithms, loops, and so on.

HTML does not provide these things, which means it is not a programming language. Instead, HTML is specifically a markup language, which does not deal with logic, but with presentation.


One could argue that “presentation” is not the correct term since by definition, unobtrusive markup contains no presentational elements, only marked up data, which is what HTML is at the core… Raw text data. Presentation and behavior are handed over to the Cascading Style Sheet and DOM script, respectively. This is referred to as, separation of concerns.

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