Is having mental block common when learning code?

hi! i hope the forum is open to random questions like this.

I am new to code academy and been using it for a week and a bit to learn python3 and get something under my belt and get a foot in coding. I do have some minor learning difficulties and i understand that i will struggle to understand some things but when i have something down i generally have it.

Is it common to be able to do something one day and just struggle and forget the next? i feel like i just have an off day where i feel incapable of understanding something or i just cant remember how to structure things. I have no idea if this is common or not i just wondered if other people get like this and what they do to get back on track.

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Welcome, @itsnathanlevi ! :slight_smile:

Absolutely. And, that’s okay! :slight_smile: I don’t have a scientific study, but, I’m pretty sure that everyone experiences this at one point or another. Roadblocks are common when learning a new concept or debugging code. Coding is challenging. (It’s not my background). Taking breaks is necessary sometimes. So, walk away from your computer and do something else. For me, I find that if I work my brain in a different way–baking, crocheting, taking a walk, a solution comes to me, or I can understand a concept that I had been struggling with.
Practice & repetition helps when learning to code. Try to not get discouraged! If you get stuck, search the help forums here for guidance or post a new question. Because odds are, you aren’t the only one who has had an issue.


Hello @itsnathanlevi. To add onto what @lisalisaj said, try to some mini-projects (either ones from CC, the Internet or your head). This really does help you to consolidate the information, and also lets you find any particular areas of coding that you’re stuck on.
Happy coding!

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Thanks guys! it’s great to hear i am not alone with feeling like sometimes i am just outright stuck. as a question is it ok to not really be good at the maths side of coding and using google to sometimes help you get to an answer or help with getting a general grasp on things?

I have been trying to google some things i am unsure of or that i see within the videos that are supplied in the course by teachers and googling things to understand some things i never learnt like string formatting and other functions.

@lisalisaj & @codeneutrino thank you so much for the feedback and letting me know it happens to more than just me!

I have ideas of projects i just find my scope bigger than what i am capable of right now so i will try find mini projects around on the internet! :slight_smile:

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Google is your friend. I think that’s a skill that isn’t necessarily taught to people who are learning to code–how and where to find information when you’re stuck.
So, good on you for seeking out info. :dancer:t2:

tbh, I’m not really a “math person” either, even though I wish I was (always did poorly in math classes when I was younger. Perhaps it’s because I had terrible teachers(?)) BUT, the only math that really made sense to me and that I did well in was statistics. Go figure! I had an excellent professor in grad school and I was studying something that mattered to me–sociology & stats made sense. :slight_smile:

The way to solidify concepts that you’re learning is to pick a subject that interests you and do a side project. Start small and work up to larger projects.

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what i tend to find myself doing is commenting my way through in hopes it helps commit some of what i am doing to memory. I am not sure if it is actually helping but is it something you think i should keep trying to do in order to understand it a bit better?


#Write your function here
def same_values(lst1,lst2):
  newlist = []
  # for index in the (range of (the length of(list1)))
  for index in range(len(lst1)):
    # if lst1(index) is equal to lst2(index) [] = list index = [0:] 
    if lst1[index] == lst2[index]:
      # append 'index' to newlist
  # Return newlist value 
  return newlist
#Uncomment the line below when your function is done
print(same_values([5, 1, -10, 3, 3], [5, 10, -10, 3, 5]))

If it helps you understand, then absolutely do it.

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