Is Game Developer a good career right now?

Hello guys.

Recently I have joined this platform because I want to change my career. Well, I am still in high school, just entered my last year. I always dreamed about a job in game developement. I always wanted to know how the things work ‘behind the curtains’. So I started to learn game development. But I have also read some topics on forums more in depth about this career (I have read many many bad things). I mean, this is my dream job, but of course I don’t want to make wrong decision picking with the heart and not with the brain.

Since I like how things work behind, what jobs fits me the best? (I did the CodeCademy Quizz and actually Data scientists fits me too - but what do you think about that one? Is it worth learning?)

hi again so I think gaming develop meant is good. I think it depends on what you want.