Is full stack engineer limited only for web application?

Hi, I’m new in programming and I choose the full stack engineer course because it looks like it’s’ giving a lot of basic fundamental knowledge.
But I’m not sure about something. From what it look like, this course if only for someone that wants to work in web application. And to go for something like software engineer you need other stuff like - python, java,c# or c++.

My question is, does web development is really mean just to help companies to build and design their website or there’s more to it? like could it be some AI or ML involved? Could it involve solving real-life problems(medical, banking, and even share rides like Uber)? Or working for big tech development like Google, Apple, or Microsoft?

Or for this path it’s more in other programming languages? And if so, should I stop my correct course and start something else (like python) or there’s value and need for javaScript etc in software engineering as well?

In general, web development is just the creation and maintenance of websites; however, a lot of the skills you’ll learn in the Full Stack Engineer course can be applied to other related fields like software engineering.

Also, you can work for big tech companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft, if you’re able to meet their high work expectations.

Though, since you’re new to programming, it might be better to consider something more introductory like the Computer Science career path, or something similar. It’s much shorter than the Full Stack Engineering career path and a good starting point for beginners.

Happy learning!

Ok interesting, thank you so much!