Is_even Stumped!


I don’t know how to solve this. I don’t think I’ve learned anything that can detect whether or not something is a decimal or a whole number. I get the idea that it has to be divisible by 2, but I don’t know any further. Probably missing something obvious. Thanks for help!


The instructions are clear on what to do if it’s divisible/not divisible by 2. Did you read the instructions by any chance? Can you also post your code? That would help :slight_smile: Thanks!


All right! Let’s get started.

Remember how an even number is a number that is divisible by 2?

Define a function is_even that will take a number x as input.
If x is even, then return True.
Otherwise, return False.
The modulo % operation is useful for determining if one number is divisible by another.

Make sure to return True instead of printing it!

I don’t see anything there that serves as a good hint. I tried this:
def is_even(x):
if x % 2 == True:
return True
return False
but I knew it wouldn’t work


Look at your if statement, why check if it’s equal to a boolean? If we want to check if x is fully divisible, we want our remainder from x % 2 to be zero. Do you get the hint?
Also, make sure your code is indented properly :wink:


OH, ok, thank you! That makes sense.


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