IS command Error

Hello, I am on the CS path track and I am currently stuck on Navigation. I was instructed to simply type ‘Is’ to list all the files and directories in the terminal, but each time I try to do so, I receive the message, “bash: IS: command not found”. Any idea how to overcome this? I’m not allowed to click next without figuring this out first.

Make sure it’s the lowercase versions of letters L and S: ls. Think “list” (as in: list the contents of this directory) if that’s easier to remember.

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Thank you very much! I’m now in the cd I part of Navigation and I was instructed to write cd jan to move further into the file system. I did everything correctly but I still received an error message saying no such file or directory?

Try ls first just to double check there is a directory with that name in your current working directory. In the future for entirely new questions please start a new thread, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:.