Is coding only for certain people!? Why is it so hard for me to grasp the programming concepts?

Hello everyone, just want to work off my anger on the constant failed attempt on each lessons. Almost every lesson I seek for the “help” section and copied the solution; not my own answer. I am currently learning JavaScript and I found it difficult to grasp the programming concepts and its application. Confusion and question marks are what emerged inside my head. Mostly, my answer are incorrect which i dont really comprehend why.

The constant attempt somehow made me frustrated and made me doubt about continue learning coding which is obvious to me it is not a field/skill I’m good at. I am not a computer guy or a technology person but I am inspired to learn coding by young coders who achieve success at very young age like Nick D’loisio whom invented the summly app. Beside Nick, there are plenty of stories of young developers who mastered coding by self-learning which are very inspirational to me to learn something completely strange to me.

Personally, I think coding is a skill that is essential in the now- 21st century where machine, computers and technology are permeating in all aspect of human lives.

However not everyone is computer-savvy, I would say I am more an artistic and a less logical person which to me is a disadvantage for learning coding.

Despite my innate preference, I choose to learn coding because I truly think coding is going to be a vital in the workplace in the coming future. But who knows maybe I could be wrong?

Maybe there are other field that i can pursue of which I am good at which also an essential skill for the emerging future technology-era?

Maybe i should learn foreign languages instead of computer language??

I would like to hear from everyone else’s opinion so that I know I am not wasting my time and effort on pursuing something which is totally not my competence. I would also really want to know that, for those people who are computer literate, is it easier for you guys to grasp the programming concepts and requires only half of the mental effort than those who are not computer literate ??

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lets start with the truth, programming is not for everyone

Having said that, its important to realize a few things: computers are really dumb. They have a vocabulary of two words: on (1) or off (0). Even a toddler knows more words, which means we need to be very precise when talking to a computer (writing code)

A good program design is like an art work, but unfortunately not appreciated enough by everyone.

people like Nick D’loisio are the top 1%, very few people will achieve it, so be realistic of your exceptions. Look at this picture:

even this applies to Nick D’loisio (and many more), but many people only see the end result (in his case an app)

So struggling is perfectly normal.

Here are some pieces of advice:

Consider doing html and css first, they are just markup language, which might be easier to start with
Besides codecademy find other sources to help you (MDN has great documentation on html, css and javascript)

Is programming something for you? Maybe, maybe not. Only you can tell. In the beginning, its perfectly normal to struggle with programming. Its really difficult, it takes time, effort, frustration, disappointment, patient and more


If you really can’t see why your answer is incorrect you should stop and ask about that. Continuing on to the next exercise without finding out how the concept works is going to make the next exercise even harder because the exercises build on each other. You should do this asking at the very basic levels, don’t wait until you are working on something that involves three or four concepts combined that you don’t understand.

If it is more a matter that you understand but can’t remember how to use the right syntax then that will come with practice. I remember learning to print the alphabet, it did not look great the first fifty times and the q’s and p’s and b’s and d’s were confusing but after repeating them over and over they became easy. Same for these exercises – hit the reset button and do it again or practice somewhere like