Is coding hard


so far ive done karel the dog and it was just telling the dog to turn and stuff so i dont get whats so crazy about coding seems like if ur good at typing your gunna be a good programmer.


Typing has nothing to do with it, it’s all about the coffee-drinking.

Programming is a task of planning and putting things together to accomplish bigger things. An ability to describe those things accurately and being able to compare what does happen to what you mean, is required. A willingness to understand every single detail that you make use of, is required.

And, to go beyond just making things “work”, you’ll want to describe things in the simplest possible way. The simpler things you deal with, the easier they are to use, the more advanced things you can therefore make.


I think the point with writing instructions to get something to move around (I assume that’s what karel the dog is), is to tell you that code is a series of instructions, that, given some particular instructions and understanding of them, you can leverage them to describe bigger tasks
A common first hurdle is to just not know how to reason about programming at all. It’s magic. How do you write something? ??? Okay, it’s instructions, and if I line them up just right, I can make things happen.


it is easy at first then it gets harder:smiley_cat:


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