Is coding always hard

Hi, this question is really towards the Developers that have been doing this for a while but feel free to chime in where-ever you are in your coding journey. Is it normal to struggle for hours just to figure out how to write a solution? And is it normal to google things to look for solutions as I code?

As a hobbyist, I can say it is normal to struggle. That’s part of the attraction. It would become boring if there was no effort involved. The discipline required to remain productive can’t be spoken of enough. For pouring our heart into our work we are rewarded with well crafted solutions and lots of learning. When it becomes easy, you’ll know you’re working below your ability.


Is googling things up normal for developers? I know it’s impossible to remember everything.

Search is your friend. Before the internet all we had were books. Believe that they were well thumbed.


Ok, thanks for clarifying, search is normal.

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