Is CodeCademy down again?

I was doing Asymptotic Notation and messed up the code and made it loop run (not with a loop, idk what did it.) then it said “Connecting to CodeCademy” and it hasn’t connected. I’ve disconnected WiFi and even restarted, I even downloaded chrome (which I abhor) so CC would work better…Still doing the same stuff. It happened a couple of weeks ago so I imagine it’s an update but is there one/is it down? Also, could there be something posted on here about when the servers will go down for maintenance and update?

Thank you.


Hey, I’m really sorry for the interruption. We were seeing some trouble connecting earlier today, but we’re back online now. Thanks for your patience with us.



Not just that, but even YouTube was inresponsive for at least 5 minutes today. The internet has just been bad today.

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i also experienced same connectivity issue.