Is codecademy a hoax?


I’ve been learning python on codecademy maybe a week now and everything I’ve learned on it hasn’t worked when trying it on anything but the one that codecademy has built in. I just don’t get it but there’s nowhere else to go. I don’t have money to pay for lessons online so for the moment I’m quite stuck. Initiative Q NUTRA THRIVE


python has two major versions, codecademy uses python2, what python version do you use outside codecademy? The two major versions are not compatible.


Try downloading Python 3.7.1 from’s free). I did it and it was fairly easy. There are some very minor changes(such as () for print) I had to make to get my code to run on it from what I had on codeacademy but most everything is working great. Good luck.


Python here is Python 2. Most Python currently is at least a 3. This could be a reason. It is not a hoax, just a different update if I’m understanding correctly.

I hope this helps =)