Is codeacademy javascript course is enough to learn Angular/React.js?


Is Codeacademy’s Javascript course is enough to learn Angular/React.js afterwards?


It is essential that you have the basics down pat, and a good start on the intermediate threshold before jumping into AngularJS or React.js.

You should have a good handle on objects, and be versed in ES6 so you are familiar with Classes and the newer syntax, such as arrow functions.


So can start learning angular/react after completing javascript course?


Yes, that would be the logical next step. The key is to have a firm grip on the essentials and the intermediate aspects of JS. I wouldn’t be in too big a hurry, though. Spend the time getting well grounded in the core language before embarking on the journey to the more advanced frameworks.

Frameworks are not the magic potion many would believe. They only serve to streamline the process of rendering dynamic documents. This JS course does not go into any great detail so you will need to do a lot of exploration and experimentation (and reading) on your own. Set a goal for a month or two from now and pour yourself into JS with every ounce of effort you can muster.


Thank you very much!


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