Is code-academy worth my shekels?

@wad67 I honestly don’t know a whole lot about the personalized learning plan, because I had already done all of the courses they recommended for me before I signed up :slight_smile: That’s only because I make it a goal to at least try to go through every course I can though, so it’s unlikely you’ll have the same problem :slight_smile:
The plan I picked (fullstack web dev) seemed to recommend good courses. I would’ve liked for them to add the Git course by default, but they covered the right tracks I think - HTML & CSS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Learning Assembly or Objective-C, Codecademy doesn’t currently have courses on that, so you won’t be able to learn them on Codecademy right now, Pro or not.

  1. Once they add them, you’ll be able to take them under Pro
  2. You can vote for the language you’d like to learn most over on the Course Poll :slight_smile:
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