Is code-academy worth my shekels?

I’m considering opting in to premium services.
Is it worth it?

Codecademy Pro is a new set of tools to help you level up your skills. Get a personalized Learning Plan, real-life projects, and experienced Advisors to answer your questions.

My primary interest is in low level programming languages, I dabble in JS as there is less BS (no setting up toolchains or path environment variables or having to install linux).

Since i’m from a backwater redneck town I have virtually no experience with other people in regards to programming.
I have worked in the service industry(home computer repair) but there was not a lot to learn. Everything I know is self taught. Are the “real-life projects” actual projects I may have a hand in or simply preset challenges with an overall theme.

I have no interest in paying for more monotonous challenges, I can make plenty of those by myself.
I’m interested in collaborating & helping people with projects, most people automatically assume that I require money to do so. I do not.

Hey @wad67! If you join Codecademy pro, during your lessons if you have a bug or a question, you can ask that to a live codecademy pro advisor that is always around with you! So its worth it!!

How does that compare to any other free service, such as stack overflow or any programming IRC or forum?

I assume I can only talk to an adviser regarding lessons?

The advisors respond to you in less than a minute. And ive been in and if you dont ask questions that are really legit, your going to get tons of dislikes. Unlike Codecademy pro advisors where they will anwser each question for you!

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I can’t say I’m particularly interested in fast response times.
I can afford to wait for about 77 years, so that’s no concern.

I agree with you on stack overflow, it’s rather terrible. I was merely making an example of other services.

Are the advisers all encompassing or do they simply offer support for specific courses?

The advisers are surely encompassing! At least ive heard they are.

@wad67 They mainly help you with Codecademy-related stuff, but they can provide helpful links and such to help you with non-Codecademy stuff.
And in case you’re wondering, I have Codecademy Pro and the Advisors have always been helpful, whether my question relates to Codecademy or not :slight_smile:

Okay, so the advisers are at least decent.
What about the “personalized learning plan”, what does this entail?
Say I wanted to learn more about assembly or objective C?
Would code academy cater for that?

@wad67 I honestly don’t know a whole lot about the personalized learning plan, because I had already done all of the courses they recommended for me before I signed up :slight_smile: That’s only because I make it a goal to at least try to go through every course I can though, so it’s unlikely you’ll have the same problem :slight_smile:
The plan I picked (fullstack web dev) seemed to recommend good courses. I would’ve liked for them to add the Git course by default, but they covered the right tracks I think - HTML & CSS, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, etc.

Learning Assembly or Objective-C, Codecademy doesn’t currently have courses on that, so you won’t be able to learn them on Codecademy right now, Pro or not.

  1. Once they add them, you’ll be able to take them under Pro
  2. You can vote for the language you’d like to learn most over on the Course Poll :slight_smile:
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Thanks for the info, I might add that Assembly is not on the poll.
I will forgo the pro features for the time being, unless there is some kind of trial.

I will also endeavor to do all the courses that are freely available first.

Are there any similar websites to this? I may shop around for a bit before deciding.

Well, if you refund within 14 days I believe you get a refund. That’s kind of a trial.

Thanks for pointing that out - you can ask for it to be added by replying to the original post :slight_smile:

You can get a refund any time within the first two weeks - See just below the form here

Dash, but they don’t cover nearly as much. They teach their stuff well, though. There’s also Code Avengers, but I don’t really like them - maybe just because I saw someone using Codecademy to advertise them, so I’m probably a little biased in my opinion of Code Avengers, though :wink: I don’t know of any others that are interactive, teach well, and are free, aside from those. Please let me know if you find any others, I’d be interested :slight_smile:
Treehouse and Code School seem pretty good, but they’re video based (I prefer text based, like Codecademy), and paid (Codecademy’s Pro is cheaper than either of them, by the way ;)).

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There is freecodecamp, which is interactive. I think is really good, and really challenging.

Which language do you want to learn? Edx now has html5 - part1 (and part two, but i am sure you can find that yourself once you found part one). Edx also has cs50.

There are so many (udacity, coursera, khancademy), i can’t even list them all. Quora has this amazing question, which list very useful sites, some of which are coding related. That should keep you busy for a while

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