Is Code academy Pro Curriculum isn't accessible due to some Reasons?

I have enrolled in Code academy pro on scholarship basis but the content is throwing an error and showing a blank screen.

Could you post screenshots of the issue? If it persists, maybe contact the help centre.

Sometimes, it could be caused by network or some application error.

You can try the following.

  • a better network or reception/reception area.
  • refreshing your web browser/page.
  • restarting the browser.
  • updating your web browser.
  • ultimately, restarting your PC.
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I got a free access of PRO on student scholarship However , it’s not showing me the Pro member logo inside my profile.

I got a free access of PRO on student scholarship.

I am trying to purchase a 1 year subscription to codecademy pro but I am unable to get it to work!

  • I enter my full name
  • It does not allow me to enter anything for credit card number or CVV (is that normal?)
  • Then I click the button but it just stays on the icon spinning round and round and never completes the request.
  • Paypal also doesn’t work for me??
  • It’s frustrating because I really want to make the purchase - I work full time as a programmer and 5 years ago - codecademy is what taught me the basics of python so I will always have a special place in my heart for you guys… Now I want to learn some front-end stuff…

Please help

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Hi! Thanks for reporting the issue. We want to help asap—if you haven’t yet, please write, and that team can help you with anything related to your account!

I found a workaround. I used my smartphone (android) and when I did that it actually did
allow me to enter my credit card number and CVV… seems to have worked :slight_smile:

You guys really should fix that though - you’re lucky that I am so determined to stick with you - I think for most other people you would have lost out on business there…

I am using chrome on windows 10 and my account is very old ~5 years and has not changed one bit (very limited activity since I learned python). If any of that helps you to fix it for others??

Also I am based in New Zealand (but using a VPN to route via US did not help matters…)

Hope you can keep making codecademy more awesome so I can keep recommending it as the go-to learning resource for beginners.