Is Cocoa Touch Class Outdated?

This is probably a bit of a random question. I’ve been trying to supplement the iOS development lessons with some extra material on YouTube and other areas on the internet, as I find visual and audio are really important to help me remember and learn. Something I’ve seen from a lot of developers when they are programming in Xcode/Swift is the use of Cocoa Touch Class files. When I go to the official Apple documentation for this to learn more, there is a pop-up saying that the information in the document may be outdated and it may no longer be best practice.

Is Cocoa Touch being deprecated or something I should no longer use going forward for best practice? I’m very new to programming so I’m really not familiar enough to know how this will affect my coding or how unreliable the extra material I’ve been using might be as a result. I do try to use more recent lessons and information online, but developers are still making videos using this framework within the last year.