Is building web apps on mac is safe? Will it make my mac go slower and heavier?

Hello there,
I am really worried that If I install Visual Studio Code, Python and Django it will mess up the speed of my mac. I’ve been using this mac since 2020. I use it only for college. Not sure If I should begin creating a web app on this mac or should look out for another PC. I would really appreciate any suggestions or responses. I’m really looking forward to them.


Given you’ve only ever used the computer for college, it might be best to keep your working environment as is. That means finding another computer to do your code development on. It doesn’t have to be a Mac. A decent Windows machine can be set up to do the same job, even to the point of running Linux.

My 10 year old computers both crashed last month. On the advice of my CT they’ve been retired, much as I really enjoyed them for this last decade. I’m too old and less engaged to go out and buy a new computer, and told him that. He put together a new case, Terabyte SSD, and a refurbished 2016 MB with 8GB of RAM, installed Windows 10 Professional, FF and Chrome. What I got is a machine that runs, has a warranty, and got me back up the same day for about the price of what it would have cost to repair my old machine (or less).

What this tells me is that we can get a refurbished machine for under 500 dollars that will meet your needs, especially if you devote that machine to code dev, like your other is dedicated to college study. Small investment, zero disruption. Something to consider.

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Thanks for the advice, I have taken it and I’m using my old computer. It helped me a lot

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