Is all of Python3 free?


I had a question about the Python software, since I am new to the language.
As far as I am aware, the main Python version is open-source (i.e. free), as that is what it says on .

Does the same apply for all of Python’s packages (e.g. numpy , etc.)? I’ve had a bit of difficulty downloading several packages through virtual environments - as advised in Learn Python 3 .
Also, it would be good to know in order to avoid any prospective legal issues, in the case that I am downloading Python software through the Terminal that requires payment.


I think I understand what you’re asking. Yes, Python is free. Same goes for the Python libraries.

What types of issues are you having w/ the libraries? Any specific error messages?

There are many threads on downloading errors here on the forums. Perhaps one of them can answer your question? I assume you’re on a Mac?