Is a Computer Science Degree worth It?

Hi, I am currently a senior in high school practicing code on my free time. Even though it can be challenging at times, I am thinking of pursuing a computer science degree next year as I go to college. I just had a few questions that I would like to know the answer to before I make a decision. If anyone can answer these questions I would greatly appreciate it.

  1. Is a computer science degree worth it in 2017 and the future?

  2. Is it easy to get a great job out of college with a computer science degree?

  3. Finally, any tips, recommendations, or info about computer science that you may have.

             Thank You :)

Listen, College isn’t a place you go to and say "I’d like to be a ‘x’ " and that’s the end all be all. You will probably change your major…a lot. It’s normal. Your first year is mainly general education stuff anyway. Schools want you to be well rounded. Pick what you are MOST interested in and pick a major related to that. Give it a try and see if it is for you. Be flexible, don’t pigeonhole yourself into something.
Of course career prospects and salary are important considerations…but you only get one life, do something you’re passionate about.

tl:dr If you want it Go for it! You have other options if it doesn’t work out.


When it comes to IT, there is only two uses for college degrees: To make it easier to get a job and to get a promotion.

Outside those uses, it’s useless.

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