Is a completed course in a skill path also marked as "completed" in career paths having the same course?

Hi guys,
I am new to Codeacademy Pro and I was wondering what happens after I progress/complete in courses of a skill path in career paths with the same courses/module.

Are they also marked completed or am I suppose to retake them whereever they appear in career paths ?

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In my experience, once you start the new course all the modules you’ve already completed will show up as being done.
Sometimes, there’s an extra module to go through with an added bit of context, but I’ve not had to redo anything (unless I wanted to).

Hope that helps.

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Yes your reply does help.
Thank you.

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All progress carries over. Skill Paths and Career Paths are essentially collections of individual Course modules with extra content. When you complete a course module (for example, Python - Strings), it will appear as completed in every Path that module appears in. So if you complete Python Strings when taking the Data Science career path, if you start a back-end developer Skill Path, the Python Strings module there will be complete - and when moving through the material, I believe it is skipped (but you can always retake a module if you need a refresher)