Is 32 gb ram really necessary

Hey just out of curiosity here, should i stick with my 1tb 16gb ram macbook? I plan on going to a coding bootcamp and have been told i need a minimum of 32 gb ram just in case i do luckily get hired and won’t be given any equipment.

Employers that expect you to walk onto the job with your own hardware better be prepared to rent it. What you are able to generate from your own user station is another thing, altogether. Keep in mind, your station, your content. The minute you carry your device onto the employer’s campus, they have a right to audit it. It’d be a cold day in H before I would take my device into such an environment. Leave your phone and your laptop at home, or deposit it at the entrance and pick it up on your way home.


That doesn’t really answer his question. Yes, if the employer asks you to use your own equipment, they should pay more for your services.

It depends on the application being coded. As a reference, I use my own laptop at work because I work remotely and it was specified in the job application. I have a Macbook Pro with a 2.9GHz i7, 512GB SSD, and 16GB RAM. This is what is running constantly on my laptop:

  • Docker (running 8 different containers)
  • VSCode
  • Slack
  • Atom
  • 7 terminal windows (from here I run the Angular UI and Node API)
  • 2 different Chrome instances, at least 6 tabs open on each, sometimes more
  • Zoom for meetings
  • Gitkraken
  • Activity Monitor
  • Mail
  • DBeaver
  • Spotify

My RAM usually hovers at 90%, I keep Activity Monitor open to see what I have available. Sometimes the RAM gets to 98% and I have to close something. What uses the most resources:

  • Docker
  • Chrome
  • VSCode

I have no resources left to run the Kubernetes piece, all of that is in AWS. Some applications will not be this complex, you’ll never know what is required unless the company is very organized (I’ve never seen a company that is truly organized).

I really want to get the new Macbook Pro with 64GB of RAM, but I also don’t want to spend that money. As an alternative, we’re creating namespaces in AWS so each dev can have their environment there. You can connect VSCode to the containers so you can run the code there instead of locally.

Bottom line: it is a good idea to have 32GB of RAM. You also need to consider the projects you’ll be working on on your own. Docker is very useful to run a lot of different services, but it can use a lot of resources.

  • 8GB: don’t even think about it, unless all you do is Wordpess sites
  • 16GB: you can make it work
  • 32GB: ideal
  • 64GB: perfect
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late reply but thanks for the help, answered my question. Stuck with the 16gb not worth the trouble.