iPython Tab Function does not work


I was trying to follow the procedure outlined in the above article, but I could not get the “str.” + Tab to return all methods attributed to “str.” Where exactly do I run this code? I have been running this code on the “Python Console” screen of the program PyCharm.

Below is the reference from the article:

Tab Completion

IPython also provides tab completion. Let’s take a look at an example using Python’s str module. As a refresher, recall that the str module provides some useful methods you can use on strings. Start IPython in your terminal. Type the following code and then press Tab on your keyboard:


After pressing tab, you should see a list of methods supported by the str module.

If I’m not mistaken the default console with PyCharm would just be running the basic Python shell (akin to just running python in your shell without arguments). The lesson refers to IPython and Jupyter which would be third party additions.

The completion would need IPython to be running instead. If you were launching from the shell then assuming your path is set up you could start it by typing ipython or with a full jupyter notebook which uses IPython.

You should be able to set up pycharm to run ipython by default instead of the basic interactive console. Either check the help or have a web search to hunt down what you need to do to change it.

The following link seems like a good place to start-