Ipython autocompletion not working

Hello everybody,

I at the “Getting Started Off-Platform” part of the Data Science path ( https://www.codecademy.com/paths/data-science/tracks/dscp-python-fundamentals/modules/dscp-getting-started-off-platform/articles/introducing-jupyter-notebook )

When I am in ipython everything works so far except the part with the tab completion. When I type “str.” and hit tab nothing happens…

I also tried using autocompletion with tab for already defined variable names etc. But the tab completion does not work at all.

Any hint on what I could do to make it work?

I am using ipython in the miniconda cmd.

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Are you on a Windows machine?
Did you try this? (Installing the pyreadline library)



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There’s a known compatibility issue at the moment (various fixes noted in the comments)-

I think conda is using an earlier release though so this shouldn’t affect you. Are you installing via pip? If you’re using a conda environment then it’s reasonable to use conda to manage packages instead of pip, so consider conda install instead of pip.

Ideally install packages through one or the other, pip or conda. You risk hitting more issues if you mix the two. A bit of discussion on this-

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Hi lisalisaj,

thanks a lot for your answer and the links.

Yes, I’m using windows.

So, referring to what tgrtim further below your post suggested - since I did my installations with conda - I installed pyreadline with conda.

Tab-completion still does not work…

But anyhow, thanks for trying to help me. I will continue without searching further on for the moment…

Have a great day,

Hi tgrtim,

thanks for your comment.

As far as I know I installed the packages for codecademy with conda…

But for some other course in the past I did different installations for python - and to be honest - I am a bit confused about all these different packages and versions.
In Pycharm it tells me one Python version is installed, in Thonny it tells me another version, in git bash yet another version… I don’t really get it yet why there are so many different versions of python installed on the same system…

But anyhow I will understand it someday. :slightly_smiling_face:
Installing pyreadlines with conda did not help to use tab completion, but for the moment I will continue with the course.

Thanks for trying to help me,