IOS Career Path on Windows 11

Hello friends,
I was wondering if doing the career path IOS Developer is worth the time if I’m using a windows pc and an android phone. I would really like to develop Android applications but there isn’t a career path for it but I would also like to learn a bit about IOS because if I make an application it would be beneficial to have it cross platform. If you think there’s better courses that point towards my intended goal please let me know!

Hello, native development on Android uses either the Kotlin language or Java with the Android Studio software. If you don’t have a Mac computer I don’t think you would benefit much from the iOS course. If I am not mistaken, in order to develop for Apple platforms you have to use the XCode IDE that comes with a Mac. I believe that nowadays it is possible to run Swift code on Windows, but there are some limitations, it may not work as well as on a Mac. I’ve heard good things about Swift, but its uses are still fairly limited to the Apple ecosystem. So, it may be a better use of your time to learn Kotlin/Java for Android and then if you ever invest into a Mac, learn Swift.