we as a company need a receipt or invoice for our expenses at codecademy. And no, we didn't get it via email yet :slightly_smiling:
Would it be possible to get an invoice/receipt?



Hi Martin,

How long has it been since you signed up for Pro, unless that is not what you are referring to?

@CommunityManagers, could you have a look at this one please?


Only one month but without invoices we can't continue the subscription....

Thanks for taking care :slightly_smiling:



It sometimes takes a bit for the email to show up, but not that long! :slightly_smiling:

Someone who can help will be in touch.


@wattx Sent! Please be sure to check the email address associated with your Pro account.


Hello there!
I also paid for the subscription 3 times (February, March, April) and have the same issue, that I did not get any invoices I would also need for my company. I could not find any contact information except this forum. Would someone from the @CommunityManagers be able to help me getting those?

Thank you very much and best regards,



You can view Pro FAQ here


Submit a question to the team here



I didn’t receive an invoice yet, could you help me out with it?
I enrolled an intense plan.


Submit a question to the team here