Invisible code

As I write anything in the code editor in javascript, only the initial letters of words show up and the rest of the code is not visible. this is such a stupid problem and I am now stuck as I can’t code further…
please tell some solution…

Please help…


Have you tried refreshing the page?
Restarting your browser?
Logging out and back in?
Using another browser?

One of these is bound to work for you.

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I have tried all of it and even restarting my computer, each a dozen times. WTH

Could I have the link to this specific exercise please?

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yeah sure.

just click ‘next’ after opening the link.
this problem occurs most of the time and sometimes when I am lucky, it just starts working on its own.

Okay, so it’s not just on this exercise…
What about other courses?

What I’ve seen before (very rare) was an account not working out for some reason. The user would create a new account and all problems would be gone. Can’t say if this would work in this case, though.

Have you had this problem since you got started on Codecademy? Ever tried using another computer?

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Well as I said, it frequently occurs though it has never really occurred in other courses.
My account is fine. since the day I started javascript, I have experienced this problem a couple of times and today it was too much.
Switching computers doesn’t work. It’s like the website’s got a bug.

@stetim94 ever seen this before?

Switching computers doesn’t work. It’s like the website’s got a bug.

Could be, the course might have a glitch… I was asking because I’ve never seen such problem before.

I’m out of ideas, hopefully someone else will be able to tell you more.
In the meantime, please report the bug in the exercise…

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thanks for the help buddy.

What kind of device are you using?

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dell xps 13 laptop with windows 10

Never seen such a problem, Frankly no idea

there are two things i can think of:

a problem with your firewall, or your browser cache, then i am running out of idea’s

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I just wanted to make sure that my laptop has no issues. does it?

If everything else works normal, your laptop shouldn’t have any issues

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