Invalid Syntax


Does anyone know why I am getting a syntax error on the following code. This is not a python exercise on codecadamy, it is annother project I am working on .

while 1 != 2:
	guess =  raw_input("Please enter your guess or exit: ")
	if guess.lower() == "exit":
	if check(guuess) == True:
		num_of_guess+= 1
	if cowbull(guess,gen_number) == True:
		print("Well done you have guessed in" + num_of_guess

Getting a traceback on the break at the end.

Does anyone have any ideas.

is this python3? it looks like it since you use parentheses (()) add the print statement, however, the closing parentheses of the print in the line above break is missing

Its says at the top that it is python 3 of the online thing that I am using(dont have python on computuer.)

Thanks for the help try and fix and come back if it still doesnt work.

Thanks for the help it works now.