Hello, I do not understand the logic behind the solution of the 3rd exercise, if someone can help me i will be really grateful.

Thank you !!

Fran <3


def password_generator(user_name):
    password = ""
    for i in range(0, len(user_name)):
        password += user_name[i-1]
    return password

So, in the loop i goes from 0 to the length of ‘user_name’.
For the first loop, i = 0, so user_name[i-1] becomes username[-1] → which is actually pointing to the last letter in user_name. (negative indexes in Python go from back to front, starting at -1).
After that, user_name[i-1] will track through and add the rest of the letters in order.

Hope that’s a little clearer

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Thank you so much, now I understand it perfectly. You are the best!

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