Introduction to Ruby step 2 Data types


my_num = 25 # Add your code here!

my_boolean = true # And here!

my_string = ''Ruby'' # Also here.

there is a space after each equal sign, but it wont allow me to continue. This is the error i get, no matter where or what i type. Could anyone assist me? i would love to continue learning something! Thank you in advance

(ruby):4: syntax error, unexpected tCONSTANT, expecting $end
my_string = ''Ruby'' # Also here.


Hi Gian1080,

On line 5, you've got two single quotes on each end, but you need one double quote on each end.

'' # started and stopped a string with single quotes
''attempted string'' # doesn't work because it's not *inside* the quotes
"string" # works because it's in quotes


Dear Zystvan,

I want to thank you for your fast reply, I will make work of it as soon as I have time! Really appreciate the help and the speed at which you replied to my plea! Hope you have a good weekend! Thanks again!