Introduction to Pandas: A typo in description


The description has a typo. df['column_name'] It doesn’t take up an extra space. Already follow variable naming rule. Plz check it out :slight_smile:

Hi @eunsukimme

Thanks for flagging this - I’m not sure that the description is referring specifically to column_name in its explanation, but rather suggesting that you could rename a column called 'First Name' to first_name so you can save some typing by not needing the [' '] enclosure.

That’s how I interpreted it anyway, but I’ll still relay this back to someone for checking anyway as I could be wrong. :slight_smile:


Yes you are right. As column name follows variable naming rules, we can save typing time by enclosing brackets. But this course describes df['column_name'] (which takes up extra space). In order to describes correctly, it should be df['column name'] (which takes up extra space).

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