Introduction to Objects II | 1/5 An Objective Review | I do not understand what is wrong with my constructor notation


I am trying to create a new Person() named gabby. Gabby has a job of "student" and she is married (true). This is my code:
var james = {
// add properties to this object!
job: "programmer";
married: false;

function Person(job, married) {
this.job = job;
this.married = married;

// create a "gabby" object using the Person constructor!
var gabby = new Person("student", true);

After creating the object, it says
OOPS! Try Again. There was a problem with your syntax. (Syntax error: Unexpected Token)
Does anyone know what is wrong?

(P.S. I tried to be more specific in my question this time. If you have any recommendations for me to improve my questions, please tell me.)


Please Remove the ; and set only after job a ,


Thanks! Very Helpful.