Introduction to Objects I validation error


Part of the instructions for Introduction to Objects II, lesson 25 is to:

Use the method describeMyself to print out in the console a sentence about each object you just created!

but when I finish off the script and submit with the code below, it says I did it correctly.
I clearly didn't include the describeMyself method.
I'm posting this here because I wasn't able to fine a "Report a bug" button.

console.log(rabbit1 + '\r\n' + rabbit2 + '\r\n' + rabbit3);

this also works:

console.log(rabbit1 + rabbit2 + rabbit3);

Bug report Javascript Intro to Objects l, 25 "Constructors in Review"

@muffinoota if you get it right and you know your wrong.... Its best if you just fix your code... Codecademy's Console is not smart at all, and there has been many reports about Codecademy's Console. You can use REPL to get 100% Accuracy if you want...

Source: REPL


@amanuel2 I would think that Codecademy should know about it so that they can fix it, and so that other people who don't know that their code is wrong would know to fix their code.

BUT, on the other hand if these issues are super common, and they have done little about it, then I guess it doesn't matter. Thanks for your quick answer! :slight_smile: