Introduction to Objects I I have to celebrate you baby


// I surely do not see why i get this error:
//Oops, try again.
//Check the review of Toy Story 2
// I find it strange because it Prints the text: Great story. Mean prospector. wich i did copy //from the assignment, any suggestions?

var getReview = function (movie) {
case"Toy story 2":
return"Great story. Mean prospector.";
case"Finding Nemo":
return"Cool animation, and funny turtles.";
case"The Lion King":
return"Great songs.";
default:return"I don't know!";
console.log(getReview("Toy story 2"));


I think you need some proper capitalization here. Compare your "Toy story 2" and exercise's error message's "Check the review of Toy Story 2"


How can i be so dumb to not see that hahahaha i thank you for your help appreciate it :wink: