This project, along with the previous lesson hides all files from the user. How is this useful or helpful? How is the user suppose to cross reference the html/css and other resources to determine they are doing the job correctly? In real world scenario this would not be concealed, so why is it here? What if at the end we wanted to tweak and alter things to further experiment and learn?

None of this is possible with how its setup and that should be changed.

Please remember to post a link to the lesson of which you refer, whether it be for a question, to point out a bug to air a concern.

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I wasn’t sure if it was so much as a bug, or by design to not reveal the file directory. I suspected the latter but could be wrong. But appears intentional since it walks you through the lesson. I Just feel like that is not the best way to approach this.

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Maybe not, but the main gist is the jQuery, and we are given as much information about the HTML as we need for the introductory lesson. Later on there will be more hands on projects.