Introduction To JavaScript


Random Question really…
Does anyone know what the average time it should take to complete Introduction To JavaScript?
I just feel like it’s taking me forever and I just wanted to get an idea of how long it should take before I start freaking out.

Many Thanks!


I think it depends on your learning pace. And there is a lot to learn. Huge… pro coders says it never ends actually… I think it is the most exciting part, it’s like art. Not like…, indeed…, it is art.

I am taking the same path. I am not a pro, but a teacher of something else. I can tell you that, just try to enjoy every minute in the path, once it ends you will have to learn the rest by yourself which is less fun.

For your question, I am at %50 in my Introduction to JS path, I 've spent 2 weeks or so until here, and worked everyday for 3 to5 hours. I am a slow learner, I get to understand all the aspects of a thing when I am learning. For instance, last 4 days, I have been working on just one project called Mini Linter. I have been writing it over and over again. So you can compare your pace with mine.

One last thing, I have read an article emphasizing that it is better to “learn slow code more” than “learn more code less”.

Ege :v:t3: