Introduction to Java programming


Hello, I am a 13 year old boy who is eager to learn Java. It is being taught in my school but at a very slow speed. I wanted to ask if the course provided on this website is enough to master java. If not, will it help in any way and does this website really teach Java in a simpke way.
I am needy of a good course on java and cant find one.
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Mastering java takes years. Sure, most of the basic syntax you can learn in a few days. The codecademy course is a good start, but doesn’t cover everything.

Java is huge, seriously huge. There is too much to cover in courses on codecademy. Understanding java deeply, getting to know some of the library’s, programming logic, that takes a long time. Start with the codecademy course, and take a look here, it contains some good courses a few of which cover java

Thanks for that piece information. I completed the Java course of Codecademy with another account but it didnt teach me enough. The resources you mentioned are really helpful and I look forward to use them.