Introduction to HTML can't get past the second chapter


Anyone have the same problem with the Introduction to HTML -course that after taking the quiz on tables (chapter 2) codecademy goes back to the syllabus-page and when you try to resume to the course it goes to the first exercise of the same chapter and doesn’t advance to the next one.


This happened now with another course as well. Is there some sort of daily limit of how much progress you can make on one course?


No, there is no limit. When you are in the syllabus page, just go down the menu and click each numbered unit to see which modules are not yet completed.


My problem is that the chapters also disappeared from the syllabus so I see nothing below the chapter that I’m stuck in.


Are you in an intensive program? Pro? I’m not aware of how those courses roll out so if that is the case, you may have to consult a coach on the Slack channel.


I have the 7-day pro trial but these two courses are just basic courses. The syllabus was working just fine before and I was able to see the up-coming modules as well but now I can’t anymore.


Not sure what to advise. How much time is left in the free trial?


5 days still so that shouldn’t be the problem either


Check the new user section for a help@ contact address and consult with CC. It sounds like a technical issue only they can address. I’ll tag in a team member to aid in this process.

@alyssavigil, @oduffy, have you any advice or assistance to offer in this case?


Hey Sofia, I’d recommend that you contact our customer support team here: and please give them all the information you can e.g. links to where you encounter this problem, your Codecademy username. They’ll look into this for you.


Thanks for your replies, will do that.