Introduction to Functions in JS - Tying it all together (5)


NO error messages as yet.

**- START -**

// Badly written function with syntax errors!

9. greeting var func{name}(console.log(name)))} 

**- STOP -**


A big part of programming is debugging. That just means figuring out what the heck went wrong with your code. Why didn't it run? 

1/ Look at line 9. It has many syntax errors. See how lack of spacing makes debugging hard?

2/ Fix the function on line 9. Make sure the syntax is right. Make sure it looks nice. 

3/ Call the greeting function once it is fixed! Don't forget to pass in a specific name.

Help required:

Can't access the "Hint" page, and am not quite sure what I am supposed to do here - excuse the scrub question, but can someone point me in the right direction?





Can you describe us what is the error message you get or explain more specifically your question so we can help you.



You need to fix this line to be syntactically correct.

  1. Correct spacing
  2. Syntactically Correct
  3. Call the greeting function

I'll start you off

var greeting =