Introduction to Data Analysis

Hello. I am looking for the forum for the Introduction to Data Analysis but cannot find it in the Categories. Is someone able to reply with the link? I’m stuck on the Sublime Limes’ Line Graphs project and want to reach out with a question about legends.

Is it part of the pro-intense course? I don’t think there is a forum section for pro-intense


The project is in the beta phase right now, and there does not appear to be a forum for it yet.

Links to course and project:

@foamfan, I would be happy to reply to your question here if you post it. Be sure to specify what step number you are on.

Edited on December 18, 2017 to clarify the status of the course, project, and forum.


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Anybody took already / taking right now Introduction to Data Analysis course ?

If so - what is your impression?

Its quite diffuclt for somebody with no knowledge of any coding lanaguages.

I find it to be pretty good. I have an account at DataCamp and this way of learning is a little different, but I like it. Just not sure how we check if our projects are correct or not…

I have 0 programming experience but am interested in Data Analysis.
Am I able to take the 10 week intensive Introduction to Data Analysis course?

maybe, it depends. Some people will find it easier then others

if the data analysis is done in python, i would first learn some python.

The course is in 14 days- is that enough time to learn sufficient Python?

That depends on how fast you can learn. Its impossible to say, people learn at different pace, and other factors (talent) do also matter.

do you know how frequently they do the intensive data analysis course?
it’s such bad timing- if it was like a month away I could do it.

here on codecademy? No, honestly no idea

2 weeks might be enough time :slight_smile: You can certainly give it a try

alright sure I’ll get started on the python course on codeacademy now. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

do you know how I can contact the people who run codeacademy please?

Hi Nahom, you can contact Codecademy staff here.

Hi David, there is no forum for IDA projects – you should use your Slack group!

do you know oduffy? I don’t

There tend to be new Pro Intensive cohorts every two weeks.

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