Introduction to Cybersecurity course

Just finished a new Introduction to Cybersecurity course.
A great thing for someone like me who is interested in it, just to get basics and the right direction.
One only frustrating moment was that in chapter “Hardening Devices” only Windows and Linux but MacOS are observed.
Would be great if this can be added to the course.
And waiting for the more in-depth one - it’s a very relevant subject nowadays.

I haven’t done the course, but focus on which operating systems is missing? MacOS? Or something else?

macOS not being there makes sense? macOS doesn’t exists in the server world. Servers are mostly windows and Linux

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No, it was a chapter about how to secure personal devices. The ones run Windows and Linux were covered each specifically, MacOS wasn’t.

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macOS has restricted much of these settings, no? Given Linux and macOS are both unix derivatives. So they share much of the same kernel features

But it certainly something we will look into :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I do know this, I did make some research on this matter before.
Still, since the course is introduction to these things, it would be great to cover this matter as well, as the potential audience seems to be those who are relatively new to the subject.
I don’t complain, my post is just a suggestion how to make it even better.


I’m working through the course too. So far so good, until the “Network Monitoring” project involving Wireshark… Specifically when trying to establish FTP connection with the speedtest.

Clearly I’m no expert, but as far as I can work out the macOS Terminal doesn’t (currently) support FTP commands. Is that right?

My 2019 Air is running macOS Big Sur (v. 11.2.3). It only produces the following result:

username@machine ~ % ftp
zsh: command not found: ftp

If this is a universal problem for Mac users then some type of workaround would be appreciated as it feels like a reasonable part of that module has evaded me!

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seems macOS does not contain a command line ftp tool, although there several options:

bash - Missing ftp command line tool on macOS - Ask Different

or maybe even a graphic tool like the finder will do?