Introduction to classes : 10/18 :Its not all animals and fruits


I am getting this message:

9/ has been moved. This will cause problems with this exercise, please move 9/ back to its original location, or reset your files

and now i don’t have the shopping cart code nor i can type in the code editor. So what should i do now?


I just did that module from start to finish with no issues. It could be a migration issue. You might have to go back to the start and do the module over. Be sure to refresh the browser before starting.


Me too getting this message frequently


It didn’t work,i am still getting thtat error message


Just click the “Ok” button. That’s what I did on a previous chapter and no problems have come up since


This kept happening to me so the only thing that would work was to go back to lesson 9 and hit next. Then the code editor of lesson 10 would show all of the stuff from the Animal class that was in lesson 9 instead of the Shopping Cart lesson. I erased everything in the code editor and just copy and pasted the correct solution into it and that worked for me.