Introduction of me ! USER1975

Who am I?
I am oswin, I am 13 years old, coming up to 14 and i just have a interest in coding. I recently have only just found this website and hope i can improve or understand coding.
Do i have industry or proffession?
I have no industry or profession.
Do i plan to use it personally or proffesionally?
Well i plan to use it professionally
Favourite thing about it
My favourite thing about it is that its specifically made to help you code online, its accessable anywhere on a computer/device (unsure on phones) and it just takes you throught the easy bits and explains well, and gives you activity whilst.
Interests or do i want to take coding?
Well i do want to take coding. I first want to be a pro at java coding, knowing about it!
Have i visited anything related with codecademy?
Nope, not yet i have not.
Learnt anything to show off?
Not at the moment*
Any cool stories that codecademy helped me with:

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