Introduction + movie seat project (code review)


i recently started coding (2 months ish) and i just recently signed up to codecademy, and codecademy recommended me to make a post introducing myself, i realized that i can also ask for code reviews and do code reviews for other people as well. And also, i just wanted to say hi.

Please go ahead and review my code ( live demo, [source code] (

If you show any interest and try to help me out, i genuinely appreciate you.

Have a nice day, either way!

Hey, cool tool!
I like the simplicity of the design.
Just two suggestions:
That the grayed out chairs are those that can be selected is a bit misleading in my opinion. I tried to click on the highlighted chairs at first and thought it wasn’t working. So I’d switch that for a better UX.

The other suggestion is that you make a distinction whether just one or more seats are selected.
So this:

Sie haben 1 Stühle ausgewählt


Sie haben 1 Stuhl ausgewählt

and this

und der Preis aller Stühlen …

is incorrect in any case, so you could just write

und der Gesamtpreis …

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Hey Mirja,

i recently upadted it thanks to you, i decided to keep the UX design since by my preference it was better, but i appreciate you a lot and your response!

Kind regards Mirja,

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