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<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Table Time</title>
		<h1 style="font-family:Arial">Tables Are Mega Sweet</h1>
<img src=""/>		
<img src="">
<a href=""> This is where you can find this picture</a>

I would need to make a link for another image, I need some ideas on completing this portion #1 of HTML Basics III, Thanks



oops, try again. Make sure at least one of your images is a link! is the quote reply that I get


That means you need to wrap a link around your image
So this is your link:

<a href=""> <!-- you open your link tag here-->
     <!-- so whatever is between will be linked -->
</a> <!-- close it here -->

I hope you understand I added comments to make it easier..


Yes, I do get it, but what I did was I applied another .jpg or photo URL to the href column you gave me and still got the same exact quote reply. What is another site you suggest that I should put under the a href portion to get a link to a picture?

Thanks again,



Image is src not href

Image tag is:

<img src="" />

This is a link:

<a href=""> your text or image goes here </a>

You can take an image from anywhere as long as its not copyrighted and should be a valid image url.. Google images is fine

or you could use codecademy logo:


on this particular exercise would I need to make two img src links and only one a href link? I would think If i had a second link I could easily make the href that I need to complete the link?


Yes two images, one with link the other normal


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