Introduction Exercise 1 [SOLVED}

My question regarding this exercise is
#1 Is there a difference if I enter SELECT and FROM in lower case? ex. selec * from celeb;
#2 Would the program work if there is no space ex. SELECT*FROM celeb;

What is the purpose of " ; " at the end? If I enter otherwise, would it still run? ex. SELECT * FROM celeb

SELECT * FROM celeb; 

  1. no difference, it is a matter of style, readability, your team, etc.
  2. Not sure on this one without trying it – have you tried it?
  3. The ; marks the end of your query. No it will not run with out it. Did you try it?

Yes, I’ve tried them. I just don’t wanna assume anything because I have little to no background.
Thanks for being helpful :slight_smile:

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