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I cannot be the first to have this problem! I cannot get past page 4 in the “Introduction to JavaScript” course. The NEXT tab is not highlighted and I cannot proceed to page 5 and beyond. How do I continue?

Hi there.

This might seem like an obvious question, but you’ve completed all the tasks for that exercise haven’t you? :slight_smile:

I cannot get past page 4 of the “Introduction to JavaScript” course. The NEXT tab is grayed and not available. I cannot access page 5. What is required?

I have completed thru section 4 but cannot proceed to 5 and beyond.

I’m guessing, then, that this is the lesson where you’re stuck?

If so, you should have four lines of JavaScript in the editor producing four lines of output in the console… Can you check that all the tasks are showing as complete? :slight_smile:

Yes…that is where the software is stuck and I have completed the exercise with four lines of output in the console. Should I just completely reset? I hate to just start over. BTW…there was no issue in getting to page 4.

I note the same thing happens in the “Introduction to HTML” after page 3. There must be something to be formatted in my signup.

I discovered the problem. As you were suggesting the exercises must exactly match the instructions. This includes the spelling error as described by others. Once I completed the exercise, with the incorrect spelling, I was allowed to continue. Instead of “Codeacademy” the exercise is misspelled as “Codecademy”.

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I think you’ll find that actually “Codecademy” is the correct spelling, and “Codeacademy” is, in fact, the erroneous one. :smiley:

(Don’t believe me? Look at the URI in your browser :wink: )

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