Introducing Codecademy Docs: Coding documentation that you can contribute to!

:books: Introducing Codecademy Docs! :books:

Here at Codecademy HQ, the amazing @sonnynomnom and his team recently released Codecademy Docs, an open-contribution coding documentation site for popular languages and frameworks.

We are trying to build a free and high-quality coding documentation that’s beginner-friendly, easily searchable, and consistent in terms of breadth and depth. Here’s what it looks like!

And a preview of what you might find inside (in this case, info about arrays in Javascript!):

You can already find over 650 articles written by experts, educators, and learners from the community (like you!). Or contribute your own to join us in building a free, accessible resource that anyone can use!

Interested in contributing? Take a look at the repo here to get started and don’t forget to check out the “Issues” page.

Soon, this could be you on the top contributors page!

Let us know what you think or Docs or how we can make it a better resource for you in your learning.
Also, Codecademy Docs is participating in Hacktoberfest!

Happy coding (& contributing!) :woman_technologist:


Thanks @maryboydc! Let us know if you have any product feedback as well :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention in my initial post, but Docs is also a participating repository for Hacktoberfest, an annual hackathon that encourages contributions to open source!

You can register and read about the requirements on the Hacktoberfest site, and then visit the Codecademy Docs repo to learn more about how you can contribute! :jack_o_lantern:

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One of the learners here :raised_hands:.

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